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The purpose of this blog

Simply because through educating myself, brought on by my thirst to understand, I came to the conclusion that the frantic pace at which we live our lives means that the majority of us reflect less and less and are too busy surviving instead of fully living our lives. All the new technologies that we have adopted are omnipresent and invasive, including in our leisure time, which leaves us even less time to devote to reading and reflection.

This is why I intend to share my personal thoughts with you along with my opinions on my readings, viewings and encounters with others in order to cause you to reflect, hoping that one or more of the many subjects I will cover might capture your attention. It’s possible that you may not agree with some of my statements. This does not worry me as my aim is not to convert you to my way of thinking but rather to encourage you to embark on your own personal journey, wherever it may take you.

Finally, the name “The reflected tribe” was inspired by my reading of the English book “Tribes” by Seth Godin, in which he describes that we require “new leaders” around which tribes gravitate in order to make a real impact on our society. According to him, only this way can we hope to initiate a movement of change. Sharing in his vision, I therefore created my own Tribe.

Thus, I aspire to achieve nothing less than a movement of change through which all the members of the tribe will learn to slow the foolish race which we have been swept into in order to take control of our lives and to take the time to better reflect on questions of real importance. So, instead of letting our way of thinking be directed by modern media, which too often gives a too brief overall summary of events, we should think more for ourselves and not be afraid to confront the unknown even to the extent of questioning ourselves by reading essays, for example. I plan to tackle various subjects such as the meaning of life, human nature, interpersonal relationships, society, economy, philosophy and spirituality to name but a few. I am very eager to read your comments so that we may exchange thoughts and in turn I may nourish myself from your contributions.

On that note, I leave you to your books, viewings, interactions and profound thoughts…

Welcome to our Tribe!


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