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Eulogy for my mother

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My mother passed away on November 7th, at the age of 81 as she succumbed to Parkinson’s disease. Besides me, her son, she is survived by her daughter France, our respective spouses Élaine and Michel and my two children, Katherine and Alexandre. This was the main reason for my absence from the blog over the past two months as I was accompanying my mother through this difficult time, her last voyage. Thus, although I had promised an article with the evocative title of “I am always right … and so are you,” it will need to wait a little because, as I did for my father only eight months ago, I would now like to share with you the eulogy that I delivered at her funeral.

Even in today’s so-called modern society, where in addition to traditional families we can observe an abundance of broken families, reconstructed families and single-parent households, a mother still symbolizes more than anyone else, the nucleus of the family around which all of the elements, including the husband, gravitate. Often behind the scenes, mothers still represent the backbone of a structure that ensures integrity and stability. I must admit that losing both parents at such short interval is not easy but nothing seems to be more difficult than losing a mother.

Therefore, I invite you to download the PDF file containing my mother’s eulogy by using the following link:

Finally, as my mother lost her battle against Parkinson’s disease, I encourage anyone that wishes to do so to make a donation to Parkinson Society Canada.

In addition, for those who would like to remember my mother, I invite you to download her commemorative bookmark as a token of remembrance where a thought is inscribed in her memory. (French Only)

Knowing my mother’s joy for life, I imagine her whispering in my ear, “La vie est trop belle, il faut en jouir…”  (Life is too beautiful, it must be relished…).

Thank you for this beautiful thought mom… that’s what I’ll strive to do.

Your son that loves you, no that adores you!


P.S.: For those who wish to read it, here is the link to my father’s eulogy and its relating article entitled: The 100 hours funeral marathon: from where the importance of having a draft eulogy.

Also, here is the link to his commemorative bookmark. (French Only)

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